Organisational Surveys

Our goal is to help organisations improve performance through effective people management. Our  expertise and experience enables  us to support organisations to harness employee insights and to generate organisational improvements through enhanced staff engagement.

We have a track record of providing employee research across all sectors in the UK and globally, enabling leaders to better understand employee engagement  and to identify and address areas of concern. Such insights can also enable organisations to monitor the impact of their programmes, analyse the extent to which the values are embedded, and identify improvements.

We work with you to:

Provide staff engagement/pulse surveys


- Design and pilot your staff engagement survey

- Ensure the reliable measurement of employee opinions, using validated models

- Advise on pre-survey communications

- Provide a secure online platform ensuring ease of response

- Provide a help line for staff to answer any queries

- Provide rapid and comprehensive analysis, with recommendations for action

- Ensure the highest standards of customer service

We bring the data to life; visualising, presenting and communicating the analysis in a way that is understandable and which drives improvements. We can assess your levels of staff satisfaction and assist with a strategic plan to fix issues, improve engagement and productivity.

360 feedback reports

Develop your team with 360 feedback
Employ confidential feedback to develop high-performing leaders and stronger teams with 360-degree feedback insights that drive development, productivity and engagement and complements your current performance management processes. 
  • Automate the process of multi-rater reviews with faster, simpler feedback.
  • Empower managers to hold more personal development conversations based on analysis from 360° data.
  • Deliver individualised reports to employees whilst  protecting raters’ anonymity.

Bespoke Organisational Surveys

We work with organisations to develop special focus surveys measuring, among other topics: organisational values, culture, process efficacy, diversity and inclusion, and culture.
Getting insight is only half the battle – knowing how to respond to it is key. Our bespoke reports include recommendations to drive management action planning. We provide managers with bespoke support to help them respond to employee feedback, increase engagement, ensure compliance and drive performance improvement.


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