Covid-19 'Check-In' Survey

This survey will take most staff around 5 minutes to complete and provides valuable feedback about how well your people feel they are being supported during this time, as well as ensuring a better understanding their concerns with respect to the phased return to work. 

We are offering a free standard version of the survey until the end of May 2020 for UK-based organisations. This includes an organisational  report with  insightful departmental and demographic comparisons. We continue to offer our fee-based services for organisations who want to adapt the survey to their unique circumstances and to view the results across numerous demographic groups  and/or multiple teams.

  • Five minutes to complete

  • Check-in on staff wellbeing and concerns

  • Completed online via secure server

  • Can be completed on any computer or mobile device

  • Can be repeated  to track the impact of changes and developments

  • Organisational report highlighting areas of concern

The survey is made up of twenty-five items, all of which relate to three key areas:

1. Safety and wellbeing

2. Communication and continuity

3. Forward planning

To find out more, or to request a free survey, complete our contact form and we will be in touch.