Contract changes April 2020

From 6th April 2020 all organisations will be required to provide a written statement of particulars to both employees and workers from day one of their employment and will also need to include extra information relating to variable working hours, paid leave, benefits, probationary periods and training.

The changes are not as extensive as they may seem at first sight. You will want to review your current contracts, but it is likely that few changes will be required.

Details about “paid leave to which the worker is entitled” could be provided in a separate document, as can details regarding maternity, paternity and shared parental leave, provided you make reference to them in the statement of particulars and the documents are readily accesible.

“Particulars of training provided by the employer” can also be given in a separate document. The only training information that needs to be provided in the principal statement is information about training which is mandatory and/or any training which the employees (or workers) will be expected to pay for themselves.

Also, a reminder to get your policy on Parental Bereavement Leave ready in anticipation of this new legislation.

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