Assessment & Development Centres

Informed decision-making


We offer a wide range of products and services. We can work with you to design exercises that are aligned to your organisation’s specific requirements. We also offer a variety of psychometric tools, helping you identify outstanding talent, learn what motivates your employees and  identify the strengths and development needs of your leaders and teams.




We  design and implement assessment and selection techniques that identify and find the right  candidate, using the latest assessment and selection tools and techniques. 


Staff Surveys


The importance of an employee survey is often underrated. Whether you need only a simple survey, guidance about  managing inclusion or  designing and managing the entire survey process, we are able to provide the right solution.


Personal/Team Development


Self awareness is an essential element of a leader’s skills. We use a range of assessment and diagnostic tools including 360 Feedback,  to understand behaviour and improve competence.  


Our Business Psychologists are qualified at level A and level B with the British Psychological Society - which means that we are able to administer a range of psychometric tests.